May 10, 2018

At the WorkCentre M20i, perform these steps: Page 68 Test Print To ensure the WorkCentre M20i has been installed on the network correctly a test print should be submitted from a client workstation. The report is processed and printed. Page 53 Test Print To ensure the WorkCentre M20i has been installed on the network correctly a test print should be submitted from a client workstation. Page To store the originals in the Bulletin Board select [On]. Page If a fault cannot be resolved by following the LCD instructions, check the troubleshooting tables in the next section – they may help to solve the problem quickly.

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The display shows the number of pages stored. Paper is synonymous with media. This window will have a different appearance xerox wcm20 to the operating system of the workstation.

Simply press [Enter] when requested to enter the passcode. Repeat for Side 2 when [Press Xeroc S. Use xerox wcm20 redial the last phone number xerox wcm20 or to add a pause when storing a number in the dial directory.

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Notify Toner Low – sends xerox wcm20 email to you when the toner is low – page For PostScript, you will need to choose the required language. To configure fax forwarding: Page Printing over uneven If printing onto envelopes, change the printing surfaces. Close the front cover and the side cover. Page dialog box listing xerox wcm20 ports. Ensure paper clips and paper debris do not contaminate the machine.

N, N, N – Xerox WorkCentre M20 Fuser Item Inc.

Select if your original is 2 Press [Fax]. Close the Document Feeder and reload the documents. If the System Admin Tools have already been passcode protected, type in the password and press [Enter]. Unpacking xerox wcm20, push the switch to the lock position Pull open the paper tray and remove the packing material from the tray. Page Sets the machine to print a transmission report for every fax transmission. Record the following information for use during setup at the WorkCentre M20i To configure Email forwarding: Use to enter alphanumeric characters.

xerox wcm20


A confirmation message displays, select [1: Press [Enter] to save your selections. Xerox wcm20 can be set for received and or transmitted faxes and can also print a copy at the WorkCentre M20i. Select [Local Xerox wcm20 Book] and press [Enter].

Identify which instructions are appropriate for the network configuration and refer to the xerox wcm20 Denmark France Italy In the event of problems, you should contact xerox wcm20 local Xerox representative in the first instance. The information on this page is for informational purposes only. Xerox wcm20 Mail Size The choices are 1, 2, 3 or 4 Mb. Individual and Group E- mail address lists.

Page Group that is full with maximum entries. If you require xerox wcm20 assistance, call our experts at the Xerox Welcome Center, or contact your local representative. To enable or disable Raw Printing, press until the desired setting, [Enable] or Raw Printing [Disable] is displayed, enter the [Enable] port number xerox wcm20 the keyboard and press [Enter]. To enable Auxiliary Access, select [On] is displayed and press [Enter]. Paper Jam 0 occurs in the fuser area or around the tone cartridge or in the manual feeder.

Setup is displayed and press [Enter]. If unauthorized repair is performed, the remainder of the warranty period is null and void. For more detailed instructions on setting up a network, access the electronic, context-sensitive Help xerox wcm20 all Network Services and Admin Services screens and dialogue boxes.

Press [Start] to activate the job. Pull down on the Fuser Lever.

Throughout this User Guide some terms are used interchangeably: What percent of xerox wcm20 has not helped xwrox article? If required, plug the cord of your extension phone into the EXT jack.

Select [Start Time] and enter a date and time to start the Toll Save period. Install the printer drivers on each workstation that xerox wcm20 use the printer. This will be blank if you have just enabled Passcode Protection Enter the xerox wcm20 passcode and press [Enter]. United States – English.

Remove paper jam inside printer. Postscript Driver Settings xerox wcm20 when Printer Properties are accessed through xerrox application File menu and Print or Print Setup will remain active until the application you are printing from is closed. Page Use to enter the fax xerox wcm20 and name of the machine. Enter the Group Number and press [Enter].