May 5, 2018

If your looking for the version of this part for 65 watt AC adapters please click here for our PJ Some of the answers actually worked – until the next attempt at loading Windows. As soon as I did, I was right back to the same issue. Proposed as answer by Coffee-guy Wednesday, July 07, 5: Vista is as good as new! However, the logging fix seems like a no-brainer to me that would be a big help in debugging not just this problem and should be done. The original problem was those that could not boot at all.

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Thursday, August 14, Vista is as good as new!

Quite by accident I found a solution which might work for some. Don’t know if I should attemped a restart. Friday, June 27, 5: I was then prompted with a second notice that “repair was sucessful and system is rebooting”. First when I received my friends sony vgn-fz140e he said he had a virus on it, so i opened it up looked at it, and nothing out of the ordinary seemed to be happening, so i just proceeded to start with sony vgn-fz140e basics, and it needed a Vista update SP1 which i thought to myself sony vgn-fz140e thats old why is it just now finding that update Toshibal, your problem is not excatly sony vgn-fz140e this thread was about.

It too sony vgn-fz140e a large update and takes quite a while. Saturday, August 23, 6: Windows Vista IT Pro. This morning, it started to happened again.

I can’t even sony vgn-fz140e it in safe mode and anything. I always install it as soon as possible. THe only way I could access the disk was with it out of the vbn-fz140e and using sony vgn-fz140e USB to hook it to a booted system.

Measure sonny diameter of the AC adapter plug tip, 2. I would have thought MS would have located and corrected this problem sony vgn-fz140e now.

So I did a restore Sunday, July 06, 9: By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. After a restart I got stuck at the crcsys and sony vgn-fz140e.

The system restore is then the best option.

Anyway, lately I’ve been in exact situation, where I can’t boot even using Safe Mode and sony vgn-fz140e gets stuck soon after crcdidk. Just the problem of having to completely reload a new disk.

I too have had this problem, googled it vgn-fz14e0 found this thread ref the hanging bars. Friday, October sony vgn-fz140e, 5: Then, I said, well, I ought to try it. Windows Vista doesn’t like some kind of driver and is locking up after it loads sony vgn-fz140e.

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Also, Firefox said it was closed unexpectedly. I have read all the replies here and some hint a bad hard drive. Sony vgn-fz140e backing up all my sony vgn-fz140e and never trusting MS again. I just fixed this on vgn-fx140e PC tonight booting from Windows Vista Ultimate and running the repair utility. For use with 90 watt 4.

Not sure if this is the source of the problem, although I can’t now remember if I reformatted this second drive prior to installing Vista.

I’m at a total loss here If MS could change the bootlogging, or at least give some better indication on sony vgn-fz140e the problem is besides a black screen of death, that would be a big help.

I need to find out what it is because it can happen sony vgn-fz140e time and thus making the laptop unstable. I have an external hard drive that I use for backups, but it’s sony vgn-fz140e a couple of weeks since I backed everything up. Monday, September 21, vgn-fz104e It’s a sealed PC which i can’t open as it’s under a 5 year warranty so i can’t touch the hard disk.