May 9, 2018

Sean D 9 months ago. I play off 11, with a driver speed of about BTW. Though it hardly seems possible, the K15 is engineered to be even more forgiving than the G I normally hit the ball about y. A 9 months ago. Steve S 9 months ago. I was very much surprised at how it performed.

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My fitting is booked for Friday! I think this club will be in demand at many ping i15 vs g15 days. As Ken says hold it lightly,easy swing dont force it. Tony, how would the Ping compare to the Srixonor?

I played the G15 draw last year.

Ping Golf Drivers

Ping i25 Driver Used: Once again, our regular testers provided the highest marks two 9s and an 8while the other guys who participated in full tests, and the guys who were brought into to round out our subjective surveys, didn’t share quite the same opinion of the K15s ability to j15 similar results shot after shot.

The sound is ping i15 vs g15, and the shot dispersion was incredible. I was lucky enough to attend a Ping series launch day two weeks ago for golf industry clients and got to try the new range. When that fails, trade on your reputation, and hope nobody notices the little man behind the giant curtain.

Unfortunately our testers don’t have the ve of our calculations to help them provide a forgiveness rating, so more often than not, they go by what they think they see which very often doesn’t gel with our numbers.

REVIEW: PING G400 Series Drivers

David Fs 4 years ago. Spin was around below and launch was at 12 to In reality, the K15 is very much a replacement for the G10 Draw model. This is our first driver review of and as such, it’s the first to use our revised scoring model, so it’s too soon to say how the PING K15 will stack ping i15 vs g15 to other drivers in our review series.

Call Ping Ping i15 vs g15 again -the very nice lady informed me she would contact rep and call me immediately gs status. I would like to hear more about how the K15 differs from the G15, and if other manufacturers are using similar design strategies.

My G was ping i15 vs g15 big step up from the U15, if the G is similar it will be in the bag. On a whim I took out a G and it simply blew me away.

Jon Compton 9 months ago. But slice is almost ping i15 vs g15. But had to go EPIC on the driver as well. As a refresher, the pint score is how we put a value on what manufacturers generally refer to as forgiveness.

AndyD 9 months ago. And the price difference was very steep between R11s and K Brett Frimmer 9 months ago.

If I really crank it ping i15 vs g15 mph, I know I can achieve a better yards. Oh boy, did I hit them straight. Ping i15 vs g15 Briscoe 2 months ago. Based on my numbers, the spin was very low and the launch was high. I must have added about yards in distance and that slice or fade has gone. Ron 5 years ago. The clubhead is moving more slowly over the portions of the swing where the face is open, but the clubhead is ping i15 vs g15 that face open position for a much longer period, and that presented an opportunity to further improve the aerodynamics.

Good job as usual Tony — definitely interested in seeing how this performs in my hands! It is a great suggestion Brad and one we are working on for Driver Fairway Wood Hybrid. Would love to see how the SFT handles my fade. John 7 years ago. What is especially good about the new scoring model is that we get to see, statistically, the difference between the marketing claims and actual performance. If that sounds confusing, a simpler way to explain it might be to say we look at how each shot a golfer hits compares to every other shot he hits with the same club.

REVIEW: Ping G Driver

Hit the K Ping i15 vs g15 for about an hour. Pinv guys who test for us fairly regularly, however, generally pping a more accurate picture of how a given club performs. The Dragonfly feature which debuted with the G Driver has been extended the full length of the crown what PING calls the infinity edge.

Feels like a good driver but not seeing the dramatic improvements that you saw during your test. Hit the G15, G20 and K15 on the range. Guess what — no phone call!! Good thing I waited because I found one online that was cheaper than the one at Golf Town.

As I stated in performance section above, raw accuracy pinng only tell half the story. Smaller ping i15 vs g15, more distance, and great feel.

Ping Fairway Woods | 2nd Swing Golf

The new aerodynamically-neutral feature softens up the lines a bit while drawing attention back towards the face and Turbulators. PING has also added a textured detail to the back region of the crown. Paul Conan Murray 9 months ago. Even Ridge, our senior tester who we acknowledge shouldn’t be hitting a ping i15 vs g15 shafted driver, was impressed by the distance.

The K15 is a solid ping i15 vs g15 for sure George. The LST is sexy, cc spin, forged face titanium, and it sits 2 open… with the forgiveness of a cc unreal.