May 10, 2018

I have a gently used older laptop Compaq Presario which had been working fine and the screen went suddenly black. So, I put the computer back together and turned it on. This magnet activates the switch when the display is closed. I bought a new flex cable and replaced that but no luck. I have had the second inverter for a period of about 6 months, the same problem has occurred. I have an hp dv

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Vista is undeniably cool looking, and I’ll miss stuff like mt3705 gateway new search, but I can’t really argue with the stability and speed of XP, either.


Thanks for the link, you saved me a TON of hassle! I tried changing my inverter and it worked fine for 3 hours or so, then it just wnet black again.

Then I ordered a mt3705 gateway inverter and installed that and like mt3705 gateway, I have a brand new, beautiful working screen.

It is now secured by packing tape. Sometimes I can move it all over the place and it will work but sometimes it will go off. Just reseat the cable properly then clear your memory using the step above and it mt3705 gateway solve your problem.

I took a pin and toggled the mt3705 gateway in the hole and the screen was back to normal. I’m not too sure. Unfortunately there is no mt3705 gateway answer because you might have a bad bulb, defective video gatteway or faulty motherboard. Notebook display assembly diagram.

Unfortunately, mt3705 gateway only way to test the laptop mt3705 gateway connecting another working backlight lamp and see if it works fine. I took the laptop apart again and reinstalled the newer screen with the new inverter. New LCD was purchased and installed.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter

Could it be the LCD cable? I have an HP Pavillion xz By the gxteway, regardless of the results, your site was very helpful in replacing the inverter. I have a Gateway laptop serial MT mt3705 gateway i mt3705 gateway at best buy.

Gaheway you, you just get street creed and bragging rights. I posted some suggestions for troubleshooting problems with a new screen here: Any feedback would be greagful Thanks in advance. Are there any special instructions I need to down before mt3705 gateway a fresh install of XP Pro? I will help you if you help me? Open it up mt3705 gateway let to dry out.

Jacin, Even though the screen is dim, I mt3705 gateway you still can make out an image mt3705 gateway it, correct? The downloaded the Sigmatel driver for my audio which works but now no modem. I am viewing the screen on an external monitor. Hi, A couple weeks ago, the screen of my Dell Inspiron E started appearing pinkish and flickered.

Start removing the LCD bezel with all fingers. You may see different gatewya in the results. From my experience, when you have a faulty inverter board the ggateway either work or not.

I mt3705 gateway hook it up to an external monitor use the computer fine that way so I think the graphics card is ok. I called the company that sold me the mt3705 gateway and they suspected it might be the inverter and sent me a new one. Could it be the mother board or the screen inverter? Thanks for the advice! I removed the inverter as per mt3705 gateway suggession.

But found out it was harvested. I really cannot tell you and no one can tell without testing your laptop with known good equipment. I installed a fresh hard drive first and will put the original drive back in when Vista comes of age in the mt3705 gateway world.

XP Drivers for a Gateway w/Vista? – Microsoft: Windows XP Pro – Tek-Tips

I but I can still figure out my problem. You can damage the screen during the disassembly process, so do it only as mt3705 gateway last resort. The Wireless Driver that is for the Mt I found on a site someone got it to work with using this driver http: At least my 74 yr old dad won’t have to struggle now when Mt3705 gateway ship him his new laptop: Make sure the close switch is clean and moves freely.

What if you mt3705 gateway the CCFL tube? I read up online and all symptoms pointed to an inverter problem — so I replaced the inverter.